LISA Laser

Laser compatible endourological endoscopes

RexScope continuous flow rotating laser resectoscope designed for the use with bare ended laser fibres. Fibre guidance is optimized from inlet to outlet for the protection and pointing stability of the laser fibre. Safe and comfortable handling, easy assembly and cleaning, best vision and long lifetime of the RexScope is impeccable.
Telex rod lens telescopes provide excellent visualization, long life time and compatibility for rigid endoscopes.

URxScope line of rigid uretero-renoscopes provide smooth insertion, ideal vision and long lifetime. The distal tip features a new atraumatic design. Sealing lock at the instrument inlet avoids distracting leakage. Handling and cleaning is quick and easy due to the unique ergonomic click-lock bridge connection.

NexScope nephroscope and mini nephroscopes are available in different sizes. Handling and cleaning is quick and easy due to the ergonomic unique click-lock bridge connection.





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