Lasers in ENT

Lasers in ENT

Working with our partners Biolitec and Lisa Laser we have innovative solutions for minimally invasive laser treatments for ENT surgery including Thulium, Diode and Mini Diode Handheld Laser systems, delivery devices and accessories.

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Our family of lasers provide comprehensive treatments for but not limited to Endonasal surgery, Oropharynx, Otology, Larynx, Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)

Biolitec’s LEONARDO DUAL 45/100 – the versatile diode laser system for ENT

Whether outpatient, minimally invasive laser therapies under local anesthesia, or extensive clinical interventions in the operation room – the LEONARDO® DUAL with its two-wavelengths-system offers an outstandingly wide range of possible laser treatments in the field of ear-nose-throat as well as larynx.

With the LEONARDO® DUAL, you can optimally utilize the advantages of the tissue interaction of 980 nm (hemoglobin) and 1470 nm (water) regarding penetration, coagulation, incision and / or vaporization. This way, individual demands of all kinds of diagnoses can be met.


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Leonardo Mini®

Lisa Lasers’s Revolix Jr.

The Lisa Laser RevoLix jr. laser wavelength is 2 micron. This wavelength is similar to Holmium but the emission is continuous instead of pulsed. RevoLix jr. unifies the advantages of formerly existing surgical laser principles in a single unit.
RevoLix jr. Thulium laser shows outstanding tissue ablation rate, hemostasis and economics for the application in endoscopic, laparoscopic, minimally invasive surgery in ENT.


Revolix Jr