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Biolitec EVOLVE, ENT Laser

Ambulant surgery with diode lasers has meanwhile achieved acceptance in ENT surgery throughout Europe: Private ENT clinics, ambulatory surgery centres and ENT surgery teams of larger hospitals clearly appreciate the economic use and do not want to miss out on the minimal invasive, precise and low bleeding treatment with the "laser scalpel".
Manufacturer: Biolitec

The 980 nm wavelength shows an optimal laser - tissue interaction. The application of laser in endonasal surgery is therefore ideal for treating obstructed nose breathing based on turbinate hyperplasia, septum deformations or an atomic soft palate.

Neighbouring tissues are protected and the maximum maintenance of the surrounding mucous membrane is guaranteed.

In oro-pharyngeal surgery, palatal stretching (LAUPP), tumour vaporization and tonsillectomy have established with children. In the field of otology and larynx surgery, laser is used for paracentesis and tumor vaporization. Laser treatment of vocal chord polyps is increasingly becoming an important therapeutic option.

In ENT surgery, the minimal invasive reopening of the lacrimal duct (lacrimal duct, DCR) with the help of modern laser technology has become standard.